How Do I Renew a Book?


It is quick and easy to renew a library book you've checked out!  Simply login to your library account at, and you can request the renewal of both Ursinus books and interlibrary loan books.


If you'd like to keep a book beyond it's original due date, simply login to your library account to request a renewal. When you login, you'll see a list of all the books you currently have checked out:

Simply check the box next to the books you'd like to renew, and click the "Renew Items" button.

For items borrowed from Myrin Library, the renewal will be automatically granted for an additional term, as long as the book is not overdue.  For books borrowed via Interlibrary Loan, renewals are at the discretion of the lending library and are not automatic.  We will request a renewal on your behalf and will notify you if the request is approved or not.

Note:  Please request renewals before the book becomes overdue.  We may grant a renewal for overdue Ursinus books, at our discretion, but many other libraries will not grant renewals for overdue interlibrary loan books.

If you have any questions or run into trouble renewing your books, please contact the Library at 


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