How to: Buy Back Your Ursinus-issued Verizon Wireless Device


If you currently use an Ursinus College issued mobile device (powered by Verizon Wireless), you can buy back the mobile device (Phone, Tablet, Mifi, etc.) provided to you by Ursinus. Begin the process by contacting Tech Support.  If your mobile device is on a personal plan, this document does not apply to you.  


The Process

  1. Start by requesting to buy-back your current active device here.  List your name, mobile number, device type (model and manufacturer) and the current budget account that the device service is being charged to.  

  2. We will verify that you indeed have a college-owned mobile device with Verizon Wireless.

  3. We get an approved/appreciated estimate of the current value of your phone/device. Then determine the condition. 

    1. Does the device power on?

    2. Is the device fully functional and all parts of the screen light up correctly?

    3. Are the front and back free of cracks and the phone not damaged in any other way?

    4. What is the overall cosmetic condition?

  4. We send you a form with updated value/cost info so you can fill in the remaining information and get it signed by your department’s authorized budget manager.

  5. You submit the filled-in form and payment to the Ursinus College Business Office. 

  6. The final step is for you to send the purchase receipt to the Telecommunications Administrator (preferably by replying to your original ticket to for record keeping and release of your device service plan or just the phone number to you in your name. 

  7. You will have the ability at that point to cancel the mobile service account or transfer the account in your name to Verizon Wireless or another phone service provider (includes family plans).

  8. If you wish to give back your phone and retrieve just your number this is free and this can just be requested. Steps 3-7 will be omitted.  We will work with you to release your phone number to you and give you the information necessary to achieve this with a new provider.  



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