Canvas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Instructors: Start of Fall 2021

Fall 2021 course shells are available in Canvas for Instructors

  • Canvas courses are scheduled to be available to students August 22nd until January 17th if you have published the course.  
    •  If you need students to have access to your courses earlier or later, please follow these instructions. 


  • You can import content from one Canvas course into another by following these instructions. This includes importing content from past courses, different sections, Canvas Commons and the Canvas Course Template.  
    •  Instructors have access to past courses; they are located in the “Past Enrollments” section in Canvas (found under the Courses link > All Courses) Canvas left menu with "Courses" selected, then Selecting "all Courses"


  • If you do not immediately see your course in Canvas, first confirm that you are listed as the instructor for the course on the Registrar’s Course Information page. This needs to happen before you are added in Canvas. If you are listed in the Course Information page and you still don’t see your course or notice missing or dropped students, please let us at Instructional Technology know. 


  • For course combine requests, please fill out the form: Canvas Course Combine by clicking on the “Request Service” button. Canvas Course Combine page with an arrow pointing at the "Request service" button

August and Fall Trainings: 

  • We are in the process of planning our August and Fall trainings and will send an email in August with specific dates and times. If you would like to suggest a future training topic, please feel free to email Instructional Technology with your ideas.