Canvas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Instructors: Start of Spring 2022

Spring 2022  course shells are available in Canvas

  • Canvas courses are scheduled to be available to students on Jan 10th if you have published the course.  
    • If you need students to have access to your courses earlier or later, please follow these instructions.


  • If you do not immediately see your course in Canvas: 
    • Confirm that you are listed as the instructor in the Registrar’s Course Information page. This needs to happen before you are added in Canvas.  
    • If you are listed in the Course Information page and you still don’t see your course or notice missing or dropped students, please email Instructional Technology


  • Instructors have access to past courses; they are located in “Past Enrollments”   (found under the Courses link > All Courses) 

Select the Courses navigation link, then click on all courses



  • You can import content from one Canvas course into another by following these instructions. This includes Importing content from: Past courses, Different sections of a course, Canvas Commons, and the Ursinus Canvas Course Template (featuring required and optional syllabus statements). 


  • If you only want to copy a single piece of content from one course to another or to another professor, you can click the three dots next to the Canvas item, choose “Copy To” and select the desired course, or “Send To” and select the professor from the dropdown list. Receiving professors will get a message in Canvas to accept the content. 

Copy to and Send to options in Canvas


  • For Course-Combine Requests, please complete our Canvas Course Combine form by clicking on the “Request Service” button. 


  • Canvas Course Combine page with an arrow pointing at the "Request service" button


Instructional Technology is hosting Virtual Drop-In Hours for Canvas, Zoom, Panopto, and other course needs.

       If these times don’t work for you, please schedule an individualized Zoom or MS Teams Meeting with Sue.


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