Canvas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Instructors: End of Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Canvas Course Conclusions

  • Spring 2022 Canvas courses will conclude on June 18th
  • Students, by default, will not have access to Spring courses after courses conclude. You can, however, extend their access by following these instructions
  • Instructors have access to past courses; they are located in “Past Enrollments”  (found under the Courses link > All Courses) 

Canvas dashboard showing courses and past enrollments

Summer 2022 Courses

  • If you have any summer courses in need of a Canvas site, Instructional Technology can manually create them for you.
  • Please submit a request with your course information to create a summer Canvas site.

Fall 2022 Canvas Courses

  • The Fall 2022 course shells will be available in Canvas in early June. We will send another email once they are available. 

Open Educational Resources (OER) Request

  • If you are interested in finding future OERs for your courses, please email with your course details to get started.
  • We are planning to continue conversations about OERs over the summer so please stay tuned for more information to come.

Instructional Technology Assistance

  • LIT will host “open office hours” in August for your instructional technology needs but if you have any projects or are searching for teaching solutions for your courses in the meantime, you are welcome to schedule a Zoom or MS Teams consultation with Sue.

File Access for Students

  • The Public folder of the S-Drive will soon be retired.
  • If you would like to share files with your students, we recommend you upload to Canvas or OneDrive. Please contact Tech Support if you have questions 610-409-3789.