Add, Change or Remove Accounts

What Is It?

This service allows for new account initialization, configuration and issuance.  New accounts can be created for Ursinus Email/Username and Service Accounts.  Email or Username accounts serve as your Ursinus credentials and email access.  It is usually used for many work-related authorization related functions.  Service accounts usually consist of Log-in with no email. Basically, network access where email isn’t required, example: Contractors, special work/office needs, etc.

Who Is the Primary Audience?

  1. For Email: New Faculty and Staff, Student Organizations  

  1. For Service Accounts:  Faculty and Staff only

Where Can I Get It?

Employee Resource and Access Request Form 

Ursinus Student Engagement Office

How Do I Use It?

Your username and password is used to access campus resources, software, email, and other Ursinus resources.  Security and access is based on your user account.

Is There A Cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.  

For more information, please see Related Articles section.

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