Campus ID

What Is It?

This service allows for a new Campus ID card to be issued. In order to provide for the identification of individuals in the Ursinus community, students, faculty, and staff are given identification cards.

Your ID card is linked to your meal plan, provides access to pre-approved spaces, access to the Fitness Center & Library, and is linked to your Bear Bucks/Dining Dollars and printing account.  

Lost IDs should be reported immediately to Technology Support by calling 610-409-3789 and reprinted as soon as possible for your safety. This will potentially prevent someone else from using your account and available funds, and accessing your information.

  • ID cards can only be requested and printed at Tech Support on the main floor of Myrin Library.
  • Once a new card is printed, the previous card is not usable and your old card will be shredded if possible (Please bring all versions of Campus IDs with you).
  • If you have any questions regarding a lost ID, please contact Tech Support.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about your safety, please contact Campus Safety immediately at 610-409-3333, or stop by their office in Wismer Center.

Who Is the Primary Audience?

Students, Faculty and Staff (includes Contract Employees with need for Campus ID access) 

Where Can I Get It?

You can start the process for a new/replacement Campus ID or to address issues by visiting Tech Support 

How Do I Use It?

Students, Faculty and Staff should carry these cards at all times as they may be required to access certain College buildings, services, and events. In addition to identification, these cards may have monetary value assigned to them by Dining Services as part of the meal plan obtained by the cardholder or through the Bear Bucks and Dining Dollars programs. Thus all members of the Ursinus community should report a lost or stolen I.D. card immediately to protect this value. In addition, a bar code printed on the I.D. allows all Ursinus Community members to check out materials in the Myrin Library.

We ask that you come into the library to start the process for a replacement Campus ID no matter the situation.  If you are not present we cannot print a card for you for security purposes. When you arrive you will be asked to fill out the form to "Request Service".   

Is There A Cost?

  • Students who lose their ID will be charged $10 which will be charged to their student account. 
  • There is no charge for damaged or ID's that are not working properly.
  • You MUST bring the broken/damaged card to the Tech Support center for charges to be waived.

For more information, please see Related Articles section.

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