Online File Sharing

What Is It?

Network drives

Accessing the Ursinus shared drives, also referred to as the “S” drive.

Each Ursinus user has access to network drives listed within the “S” drive. Network drive space is not unlimited, so please restrict your back-ups to data only.  Data is usually stored in a “Documents” or “My Documents”, or “My Files”, etc. folder. 

Cloud Based Storage

• Many cloud storage services can be accessed via the Web, where you can upload your files directly to the service's storage servers.

• Many services also have applications available to download to your device.

• These applications usually create a new folder on your computer. Any files placed into those folders should sync with the service's storage servers, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

• Through our Microsoft Software Agreement, Ursinus users have free, unlimited access to Microsoft OneDrive.  OneDrive is the only cloud-based storage solution that is supported and recommended by Ursinus. Other cloud-based storage services include Box, Drop Box, Google Drive, etc., but Ursinus cannot support or recommend using these for Ursinus-related data or backup.  More info on OneDrive can be found below.


OneDrive is available to you as an Ursinus Student, Faculty, or Staff member by using your Ursinus login credentials.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is an unlimited file storage and sharing service that allows users to create, save, update, access, collaborate on, and share files on their computer, web, and mobile devices. Changes made in OneDrive on your desktop, online, or in your mobile device automatically sync to the other formats. However, if you delete the file in one area (e.g. from OneDrive online), it also deletes it in the other versions (e.g. OneDrive on your computer and in the OneDrive app). Therefore, make sure you backup your files to another storage system periodically (e.g. the S-drive).

Who Is the Primary Audience?

Students, faculty, and staff.

Where Can I Get It?

Note: Network drives, specifically the "S" drive, are only accessible while connected to the Ursinus network.  This means you must either physically be on campus, or connected remotely via VPN.

 • After setup, the “S” drive will be listed as “ucdrives”.  Within the “S” drive will be two directories, “Private” and “Share”.

• The “S” drive's “Private” directory is a private drive which only you have access to, and no one else can view or use. It is connected when you log in.

• The “S” drive's “Share” directory is a shared drive for use by other Faculty and/or Staff members that are in your department. Students do not have access to this drive.  Each department has department-level folders that restrict access to members of each respective department.

• There is a limit to the amount of space usable on either of the network drives.

• The “S” drive “Private” directory is currently limited to ten gigabytes.

How Do I Use It?

How do I log in/access OneDrive?

• Go to this link:

After clicking the above link: 

  1. Enter your Ursinus email address.
  2. Choose “Work or School Account” whenever prompted.
  3. Enter your Ursinus username and password in the next window.
  4. If asked to “Stay Signed In”, you may choose "Yes".
  5. You should then be taken to your OneDrive location.

Is There A Cost?


For more information, please see Related Articles section to your right.



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