Handbrake (Video Conversion)


Handbrake is a program that allows you to convert videos into different file types.


  1. Download Handbrake and open the program.
  2. Click on the Source button. 
  3. Click on File (Open a single video file).
  4. Choose the video you want to extract video clips from. Note: If your clips come from a physical DVD, insert it into your DVD drive (or get an external drive from the library's front desk) and choose DVD after hitting Source.
  5. Choose the Chapters you want to extract or change Chapters to Seconds and choose the number of seconds you want to extract. Note: you will have to watch the video first to decide what chapters or seconds you want to extract.
  6. Select the Browse button and choose where you want to save the output video file (e.g. your Desktop or Videos). Make sure you change the destination so it doesn't save over the original video! 
  7. Click Start. The video will now extract and download to your computer.
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