Zoom Meeting Capabilities for Ursinus Faculty, Staff, and Students


Learn the capabilities for Student (Zoom Basic) and Faculty and Staff (Zoom Pro) licenses.


Zoom Basic v. Zoom Pro

Students are issued Zoom Basic accounts by default.

Basic user can host meetings with up to 100 participants.

These meetings have a time limit of 40 minutes.

If a Student is in a leadership position and needs an upgrade to a Zoom Pro License, they should submit a request to Tech Support and include approval from the organization’s advisor or supervising Faculty or Staff member.

All Faculty and Staff have Zoom Pro Licenses: A Pro user can host meetings with up to 300 participants for unlimited time and record to the cloud. ​

Licensed users have these additional features available:

  • Customize Personal Meeting ID
  • Record to the Zoom cloud
  • Be an alternative host
  • Assign others to schedule and schedule on behalf of
  • Customize Personal Link

Zoom account inquiries should be directed to Tech Support for triage.

Accessing Zoom

There are several different ways to access and use Zoom, including in your web browser, with a desktop client, or via a mobile app:

  • Web browser:  Navigate to the Ursinus Connect Portal (connect.ursinus.edu) and select the Zoom icon, or login to our Zoom platform directly, at https://ursinus-edu.zoom.us
  • Desktop client:  On your laptop or desktop computer, navigate to https://zoom.us/download and download the Zoom app to your computer.  Your web browser should automatically select the correct version for your operating system; if you have any trouble, you can manually select the version you want to install from this complete list of Zoom Installers.
  • Mobile App:  Zoom also has apps you can download on your iOS or Android device.  You can find them in your device's app store, or access them via the Zoom Download page.


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