Canvas Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Students

Many of your professors will be using Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS) to post syllabi, files, assignment instructions, and other course materials online. They may also be posting grades and requiring you to submit assignments online, take quizzes, and post in Canvas discussion boards. Consult the FAQ below and speak with your professors to learn more about the Canvas requirements for each class.

How Do I Log In to Canvas?

Go to the Ursinus College homepage and click the Students link at the top of the page. The Canvas link can be found under “Popular Links”. 

Log in using your Ursinus username and password.  

How Can I Access My Canvas Courses?

The Canvas dashboard includes cards that represent each of your courses. Click on the corresponding box to access the course. You can also access your courses by selecting the Courses icon on the left-hand navigation menu and choosing All Courses. 

Why Don’t I See All of My Courses?

If you don’t see one of your courses in Canvas, it means the professor is not using Canvas or has not granted you access to the course yet. Contact your professor if you have questions.

Is There a To-Do List I Can Check to See What Upcoming Assignments I Have?

Yes, there is! A To-Do List for all courses appears on the right-hand side of the Canvas dashboard. If you prefer your dashboard to display a full list of To-Do items instead of a list of your courses, select the three dots at the top of the dashboard and choose List View (2).

How Can I Learn More About Canvas?

Log in to Canvas and check out the Canvas Student Orientation Course. This course will walk you through how to use Canvas.

You can also check out  Getting Started with Canvas as a Student on Vimeo.

Can My Pronouns Be Displayed In Canvas?

Yes! Consult the Gender, Pronouns, and Chosen Name page on the Institute for Inclusion and Equity (IIE) webpage for information how to edit displayed pronouns, chosen name, and gender identity within Self-Service.

I’m Confused! How Can I Get Help?

You can ask questions at the Learning Curve on the first floor of the Myrin Library, Submit a Help Request, call Tech Support at 610-409-3789, or e-mail

You can also visit the Tech Support website to learn more about Tech Support resources and services.



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