Microsoft Sway


Microsoft Sway is a digital presentation software that you can use to create visually appealing reports, stories, and presentations.


  1. Visit to access Sway. You can log in with your Ursinus credentials.
  2. Click on Create New or choose a template from the list.
  3. Add a Title to your Sway and a background photo if you wish. You can add photos that Sway provides or use one saved on your computer. 
  4. Click the + icon and add a header, text or image(s).What you see when you click the + icon
  5. Click on the Design tab to change your color scheme and layout. You can click Remix to have Sway suggest design ideas for you. 
  6. Click on Play in the top right-hand corner to preview your Sway. 
  7. Click on Share in the top right-hand corner to share a link to your Sway with others or to allow specific people to edit your Sway. 

See Also

Watch this Microsoft Sway Tutorial or consult these Sway instructions

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