Mitel Connect Chrome Extension Setup

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store Mitel Connect website
  2. Click the blue "Add to Chrome" button 
  3. Click "Add Extension: 
  4. Click the puzzle piece to open the extensions manager. Then click the "pin" next to "Mitel Connect" to pin it to your browser bar.  
  5. Click the Mitel Connect icon in the browser bar:
  6. Enter your Ursinus College email and password. 
  7. Server name:
  8. Check the option for "Remember Me" only if you don't desire to login each time you visit. 
  9. Click "Login" and you're all done!
  10. Success looks like this: 
  11. If you don't get it right the first time, check your password, email or server name entry for accuracy. 
  12. Submit a ticket to Tech Support if you are having issues with the extension.
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