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Panopto is a robust lecture capture and video hosting platform. 
Use Panopto to pre-record lectures and store your videos in a video hosting platform that provides visually appealing layouts and robust transcript and search capabilities within your videos.
Access Panopto via Okta My Apps Dashboard | Ursinus College ( or by logging in to with your Ursinus credentials. 
Instructors can also add Panopto to Canvas Course Navigation Links


Panopto can be used to :

  • Record lectures and tutorials
  • Record multiple screens, including your webcams, PowerPoints, computer screens, etc.
  • Upload, edit, and organize your videos (including Zoom recordings) in Panopto’s video hosting platform
  • Share your recorded videos with others
  • Add captions, searchable transcripts, table of contents, notes, and quizzes to your videos
  • Engage students in discussions about the video content within the hosting platform
  • Host student-created video content for assignments

Internal Tutorials and Training Videos:

Panopto Basics
Using the Zoom and Panopto Integrations in Canvas
Panopto Creator training session
Panopto advanced editing training session
Retaining Zoom Recordings in Panopto
Panopto Asynchronous Teaching Workshop
Canvas, Zoom, and Panopto Synchronous Teaching Workshop

How to Create Videos:

How to Record with Panopto for Windows
How to Record with Panopto for Mac
Record videos from your browser
How to Upload videos 
How to Create a Video Assignment in Canvas (
Download Panopto on a Windows computer
Download Panopto on a Mac computer

How to Manage and Edit Panopto Videos:

Changing your video availability settings
Sharing a video
Copying and moving videos
Changing video title
Adding automatic captions
Adding a quiz to a video
How to Use a Panopto Quiz as a Canvas Assignment
Allowing viewers to download your PowerPoints
Editing videos
Viewing video statistics

To access additional training resources, consult Panopto’s Support website.

If you are prompted to sign in, please create an account and type in when asked to enter a site URL, please use

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You can enable Panopto in your Canvas courses by navigating to your course, clicking on Settings, and under the Navigation tab, selecting the three dots next to Panopto and choosing Enable. Then click Save.
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Panopto is a lecture capture and video hosting platform.