This article will detail the basics and use of Microsoft's free video-editing software, ClipChamp. It will provide step-by-step instructions on how to upload videos, cut them, and arrange clips together.


Step 1: On the ClipChamp home page, click "Create new Video" to start from scratch.

Step 2: Once you have created the new project, click the "Upload Media" button and choose which video clips to upload. The files can reside in your OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, etc., or be files you have stored on your desktop.

Step 3: Once you have chosen your clips, they will appear in the sidebar. Drag the clip you wish to edit to the timeline.

Step 4: To cut clips, drag the bar to the time stamp you wish to cut it at, and click on the scissors icon to cut.

In addition to importing content, you can record original content or use stock video and images from the menu on the left. (Be sure to select FREE unless you have a paid account).

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Along the right hand side are additional options for editing content that has been added to the timeline.

When you have finished editing the video, chose the "Export" button in the upper right and select the quality of video to export.

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Checkout the ClipChamp training center for video tutorials on other tools and options. 

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