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Meet Windows 11

Windows 11 is the newest Windows OS version from Microsoft. Windows 11 is faster, more secure, and offers new productivity features to help you organize, stay focused, and get more done in less time. It’s been completely redesigned with a whole new look and feel that’s clean, modern, and easier to use. 


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New interface

A simplified design that’s modern, fresh, clean, and beautiful, a centralized task bar that puts you and your content at the center, tabs in File Explorer, and more.

Seamless redocking

When you disconnect your PC from an external display, your apps are minimized. When you reconnect, your apps are put back where you had them before.

Snap layouts and Snap groups

Share multiple app windows in a single screen with predetermined layouts that you can choose from to quickly organize and optimize your screen space. Snap two or more open apps or windows to create a snap group. Snap groups lets you open or close your apps at the same time in the same arrangement.

Desktop groups

Organize open apps and windows into separate “desktops” to keep different tasks or areas of your life organized.


Display, arrange, and resize widgets to quickly access personalized dynamic content such as schedules, weather, stocks, and more.

Universal search

Select Search on your task bar and start typing to get personalized results from your files, photos, contacts, emails, apps, settings, and from the web.

Accessibility features

Have on-screen text read aloud with Natural Narrator, control your PC with your voice, and better understand audio with live captions.


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