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Solstice is an application you can use to wirelessly share your screen on multiple TVs, monitors, and other devices around campus. 


  1. Download the Solstice app at The app is available for Windows and Mac computers as well as phones and tablets.
  2. Change the input of the TV or projector you would like to use to Mersive or Wireless (the input switch should be located on the wall or the podium). For the TV on the Library's first floor, change the input to HDMI 1. You can find the remote at the circulation desk.
  3. Open the Solstice app on your device, select the name of the room you are in, and enter the Screen Key that appears on the TV.
  4. You now can share your desktopa single app window (a PowerPoint, Zoom, etc.), or upload a file to project onto the screen. Others will be able to see the Screen Key and can share their screen too. 
  5. From an iPhone, you can choose to Mirror your Screen after you connect via the Solstice app and enable AirPlay (usually accessible when you swipe up). Before you can mirror your screen, AirPlay will require you to choose the room you are in and type the Screen Key/Password.
  6. You can share more than one desktop, app, or file to the screen. By selecting the Layout section in the Solstice app (located on the left-hand side), you are able to choose the layout of the multiple screens you wish to share. To stop sharing a screen (or to make one screen full screen), drag the unwanted screenshare to the left and double-click the screen you want to have full screen.
  7. Clicking Stop Sharing will remove your application or desktop from the screen. To hide the Stop Sharing button while sharing, go into your Solstice app, click on settings, and turn on "Hide Solstice When Sharing Desktop." Alternatively, you can open the Solstice app, click on Layout, right-click your person icon, and choose Delete Post. To completely disconnect from Solstice, open the Solstice app and select Disconnect in the top-right hand corner.


  1. Can I use PowerPoint Presenter mode with Solstice? Yes, you can on a Windows machine. To do so, follow these instructions:
    1. Download the newest version of Solstice and open it.
    2. Select Room Camera + Mic and click on Install Drivers. Follow the instructions onscreen.
    3. Click on Settings. Under Control, enable Extended Presentation mode.
    4. Follow the instructions above to connect to Solstice and share your Desktop or App Window, selecting your PowerPoint presentation. 

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