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PlagScan is a technology that aids in detecting plagiarism. Professors can turn PlagScan on for any Canvas assignment that requires a file upload. Plagscan will scan the paper for plagiarism and return a plagiarism score and details.


PlagScan Instructions

Option 1: Use the Canvas Integration (recommended)

1) Go to your Canvas course and create an assignment under Assignments.

2) Set the submission type to Online and check the box next to File Uploads.

3) Choose PlagScan Plagiarism Checking Service from the Plagiarism Review dropdown.

4) You can adjust the assignment and user settings, or you can leave the default settings as is.

5) Finish editing the assignment and then choose Save and Publish.

6) Students will submit their papers as they do other Canvas assignments, with the addition of being prompted to check a box asserting that the submission is their own original work.

7) You can access the plagiarism report in SpeedGrader by clicking on the Plagiarism score. 

Option 2: Upload Papers to PlagScan

1) Contact Instructional Technology and ask that an account be created for you.

2) Go to and log in with your email address and the default password sent to you.

3) Click on the Settings icon and select Change password.

4) Create a new password and click on Save changes.

5) Download your students’ papers (you can download student paper submissions from Canvas by going to the Gradebook, clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the assignment column, and selecting “Download Submissions”. Click Save if prompted. The papers will be saved as a zip file on your computer).

6) In PlagScan, click on the Documents icon at the top, then click on File upload (you can upload zipped folders through this as well).

 7) Allow the document(s) to process (you can upload other documents during this process as well). Once processed, click on “Start Check” (it may start automatically depending on your settings).

8) When the check is finished, click on the Report or the Content link to access the document. You should also receive an email with the plagiarism results (unless you have disabled this feature under Settings).


What does the PlagScan plagiarism report include? Plagscan will check submissions against web sources and previous documents submitted to PlagScan by students at Ursinus and other colleges. PlagScan will highlight plagiarism matches in red, potentially modified text in blue, and quotes in green. The sources that the text match are listed. To view a side-by-side comparison of the submitted document and potential plagiarized source, click on Show Comparison. You can also download the report as a PDF or Word document. Consult PlagScan's website to learn more.

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