Samson Go Mic


You can check out a Samson Go Mic at the Learning Curve on the first-floor of the Myrin Library to use in recording audio for podcasts, presentations, and more!


Components Included in the Box:

  • Owner's manual
  • Clip-on microphone
  • Carrying case
  • USB cable


  1. Slide the microphone out of the clip and position it the way you want it (e.g. standing on your desk or clipped to your computer). Position the microphone with the Samson logo facing you.
  2. Set the Go Mic's pattern switch on the left-hand side of the microphone.
    1. Recording solo? Flip the switch to the Cardoid position (the icon at the top that looks like an upside down heart). 
    2. Recording loud sounds such as rock music? Flip the switch to the Cardoid with a 10 db Pad position (the icon in the middle). 
    3. Recording multiple voices? Flip the switch to the Omni position (the circle icon at the bottom).

  3. Connect headphones (not included) to the headphone output on the right-hand side of the microphone.  
  4. Plug one end of the provided USB cable to the Go Mic and the other end to your computer.  

  5. Follow the instructions on page 4 in the user manual to set the levels for your microphone on your computer.
  6. Open the software you are using to record audio, such as Audacity (Don’t have Audacity? Download at
  7. Select the microphone drop-down or the audio settings of your software and select the GoMic.
  8. When you have finished recording, slide the microphone into the clip. Pack up all the components as you found them and return to the Learning Curve.

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