Add Panopto to Canvas Navigation


Panopto is a Learning Tool Integration (LTI) available for Canvas.


Add Panopto to the Canvas Course Navigation

1. To enable Panopto in your course, select Settings (Fig. 3).

Left-hand navigation of a Canvas course. The option "Settings" is highlighted by a red box. Figure 3

2.  Select the Navigation tab, and check to see if Panopto falls under the section Drag items here to hide them from students and is greyed out (Fig. 4a). If so, drag and drop it up into the course navigation and select Save (Fig. 4b). If Panopto does not appear at all, please verify that your Canvas and/or Panopto administrators have followed the steps in How to Set Up the Canvas Integration. If there is still an issue, please contact Panopto Support. 

Course settings, Canvas. On it, the Navigation tab is selected and highlighted by a red box. Figure 4a

Animated image: Navigation tab, Canvas Course Settings. On it, a cursor highlights in yellow selects Panopto and drags it up into the main navigation before selecting Save.Figure 4b 

3.  Panopto Video will now appear in your course's left-hand navigation (Fig. 5). 

Canvas course, left-hand navigation. On it, "Panopto Video" is highlighted by a red box. Figure 5 



For more information on how to use Panopto with Canvas, please visit Panopto Canvas documentation

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