Canvas User Request

What Is It?

Instructors or department chairs can request to add someone to their Canvas course.

Please note: Students are generally not added manually; instead, they should officially register for the course and the Registrar system will automatically add them to Canvas within a few hours. If you are requesting that a student be added to a course, please indicate in the Role field why they need to be added manually.

Who Is the Primary Audience?


Where Can I Get It?

Click on Request Service and fill out the form. The Instructional Technology Librarian will contact you by email once the users have been added. 

How Do I Use It?

You can request that users be added to your Canvas courses and have one of the following roles: 

  • Teacher: Has the same permissions you do in a course, including being able to add, edit, and delete content and view and post grades.
  • TA: Has the same permissions as the Teacher role, with the exception of adding and deleting users.
  • Designer: Has the same permissions as the Teacher role, with the exceptions of adding and deleting users and being able to view and edit grades.
  • Students: Can participate in the course and can only see their own grades. 
  • Observer: Can view and download content but not participate in the course. Can not see any grades unless you request that they have the option of observing a particular student.
  • Observer+: Has the same permissions as the Observer role with the addition of being able to access the course before it's published. 

Is There A Cost?


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