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Services or Offerings?
Campus community members can request additions to the library‚Äôs collections. This includes books, DVDs, e-books, audiobooks, streaming films, databases and other resources.

Access support with Archives and Special Collections.

The Information Technology department can assist with the use of AV Equipment, and provide special assistance and training on the different AV systems on campus.

This service is to capture work related to backing up and updating servers and software.

Broken soap, paper towel, or toilet paper dispenser

Check dryer for power and confirm issue with non-working dryer before calling vendor for service

Dorm dresser, or desk drawers off track or broken.
Bed or chair is broken

Key broken off in lock

Confirm issue with non-working washer before contacting vendor for service
Open up stuck washer door

Faculty can request to combine course sections into one course for a given semester.

Faculty and staff can request that a Canvas course be created for them.

Faculty can request that a user be added to a Canvas course.

Rekey or replace lock

Trash, broken glass, unwanted furniture left on campus grounds

Academic and financial aid college student information software