Messaging/emailing students in Canvas

Instructions to message or email your students in Canvas

To send an email message to your students, click on the Inbox link in the global navigation menu on the left-hand side.

Select the Compose icon.

Select the course you wish to email from the dropdown, then click the Peoples icon to choose the specific individuals within the course you wish to email and add them to the To: field.

Compose the message, attach any files or media that you wish to attach, and click on Send.

Student will now receive an email of your message within the Canvas Inbox (they will also receive a copy of the message in their Ursinus email if they signed up for Conversation notifications). You should receive any student replies in Canvas and in Outlook.

Note: The course must be published and the term started in order for students to receive the email. If it is before the start of the semester and you wish to send an email to your students, please publish the course and adjust the course start date.


How do I compose and send a message to my students?

For more information on the Inbox, consult the Inbox section of the Canvas Instructor Guide.


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