Setting up Ursinus email (Office 365) on an iPhone


This documentation will show you how to set up your Ursinus College email through the Mail app on your iOS device.

As an alternative, you can download the Outlook app from the App Store and add your Ursinus email account to that app.


  1. If you don't have any other email accounts configured on your phone yet, open up the Mail app and select "Microsoft Exchange" from the list of account types.
    • Image of prompt to add account
  2. If you already have another email account configured in the Mail app, you can configure another account (your Ursinus email) by:
    • Opening the Settings app
    • Select Mail
    • Select Accounts
    • Select Add Account
    • Select Microsoft Exchange
    • Enter your Ursinus email address and a Description (optional).
  3. Adding a description will change the way 'Exchange' is labeled in your device settings under 'Accounts & Passwords.'
  4. Select 'Sign In' when prompted to sign in to your Ursinus College email account using Microsoft.

  5. At the Okta prompt enter your Ursinus username and password.

  6. Use the Okta Verify app or SMS code to confirm your identity if requested. Find help with Multi-factor Authentication here. 

  7. Confirm Okta's verification request.

  8. Check that the confirmation of verification was successful. 

  9. Make sure all options you prefer are turned on (lit green).  Include Mail to make sure mail will come through successfully.  Save and you are complete! 

  10. Navigate to the list of mailboxes in the Mail app.  Email should begin populating for your Ursinus account within a few minutes (results vary depending on Internet connection speeds). 



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