Instructions for Accessing Shared Mailboxes via Webmail and Outlook


Follow these steps to access a shared e-mail account: Access can be done through Webmail or Outlook.


To connect to your shared mailbox through webmail:

  1. Login to webmail as yourself
  2. Click your profile picture (or the person silhouette) in the top right corner of the browser window and select ‘Open another mailbox…’
  3. Type the name of your group and click ‘Open’

Your Shared mailbox will open in a new browser tab.


For "Classic" Outlook (PC): 

If your group account does not already appear in your Outlook, follow these steps to add it as a secondary mailbox:

  1. Open Outlook and Click the ‘File’ tab

  2. Click the ‘Account Settings’ tile and select ‘Account Settings…’ from the list

  3. Double click your email account

  4. Click the ‘More Settings’ button

  5. Select the ‘Advanced’ Tab

  6. Click the ‘Add…’ button and type your group name

  7. Once your group’s name is recognized, click ‘OK’ twice, then ‘Next’, and ‘Finish’


For "New" Outlook (PC): 

1. Shared Mailboxes are listed under "Shared with me":

2. If the mailbox is not already listed, right click "Shared with me" and select "Add shared folder or mailbox"

3. Type in the name of your shared mailbox -> select it from the recommended list and click "Add"

To access via Outlook (MAC) - ***please note that exact steps may vary slightly depending on the version. 

  1. Open Outlook and Click the ‘Microsoft Outlook' menu

  2. Select ‘Settings…’ from the list

  3. In the new window, select 'Accounts' from the 'Personal Settings' menu

  4. On the new 'Accounts' page, click the down arrow at the bottom and select 'Add an Account...'

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5. In the search bar, type the name of your group and click 'Add' 

Your Shared mailbox will appear below your mailbox in the left column of Outlook.
*****when configuring Outlook this way, you must remember to change the ‘From…’ field when sending an email from your group.



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