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3D Printing

Print a physical object from a 3-D digital model with the U-Imagine Center's 3-D printer.


Acquisitions (Books, eBooks, DVDs, films, journals, databases)

Campus community members can request additions to the library’s collections. This includes books, DVDs, e-books, audiobooks, streaming films, databases and other resources.

Add, Change or Remove Accounts

New Account creation: Ursinus Credentials, Mitel Phone Account, Okta etc.

Archives & Special Collections

Access to support with Archives and Special Collections

Audio Recording and Podcasting

Create a podcast using free audio recording, editing, and hosting software.

AV Equipment Support and Training

Tech Support and Event Technology can assist with the use of AV Equipment, and provide a walk-thru and training on the different AV systems on campus.


Broken dresser

Dorm dresser drawers off track or broken

Broken dryer

Check dryer for power and confirm issue with non-working dryer before calling vendor for service

Broken key

Key broken off in lock

Broken washer

Confirm issue with non-working washer before contacting vendor for service
Open up stuck washer door


Cable TV Support

Cable television service is provided in all dorms and residence hall rooms both on and off the main campus, as well as in some office, academic and public locations.

Campus ID

We can reprint lost, stolen, or broken Ursinus ID cards.

Campus Phone Support

This service allows for access to campus telephone services, applications and devices while on and off Ursinus College's campus

Canvas Course Combine

Faculty can request to combine course sections into one course for a given semester.

Canvas Questions

Get help designing and setting up your Canvas courses.

Canvas User Request

Faculty can request that a user be added to a Canvas course.

Carpentry Request

Change locks

Rekey or replace lock

Classroom AV support

Please check with Tech Support if you have any questions about the Audio/Visual equipment available in (or for) a certain classroom.

Clean up space

Trash, broken glass, unwanted furniture left on campus grounds

Colleague Support

Academic and financial aid college student information software

Contact Your Library Liaison: Library Workshops & More

Library liaisons work with faculty and staff to integrate information literacy into courses and other academic programs in an appropriate way. Your library liaison will work with you to design and run a library workshop, make an online LibGuide for your students to use throughout the semester, create an assignment that integrates library resources, record a video tutorial tailored to your course, help to assess your students' research knowledge and more.

Course Design

Get help designing your courses.

Course Reserves

Access and support for items reserved for course-related topics/use


Dead outlet

Electrical outlet on wall/floor not operational

Deliver materials

Deliver items to location on campus (marketing materials, Received goods, etc.)

Departmental Printing

Departmental printing questions and issues, and Papercut print management requests.

Device Assistance (BYOD and Ursinus Provided)

This service is available to assist Ursinus College members with all device hardware and software needs.

Digital Curation

You can use digital curation tools to showcase archival and scholarly works and create digital exhibits.

Digital Storytelling

There are a variety of software you can use to create a digital story.

DLA Fellow Consultation

You can make an appointment with a DLA Fellow, a student trained in using a variety of digital tools to teach a training session for your course.

Door coming off hinges

door coming off hinges

Downed branches/tree

Downed branches, limbs or trees on campus grounds


Event or Production Consultation Request

Create an event technology and production audio visual consultation request.
This will be a time when we can meet and go over any questions and ideas you have for what you're looking to do with technology during your event.

Event set up

Providing tables/chairs for larger campus events

Exhaust fan not working properly

Bathroom exhaust fan either not working or very noisy


Survey software that supports important feedback such as course evaluations


File and Web Annotation

Faculty and students can annotate and leave comments on files or websites using Perusall.

Financial Edge Support

Software that manages accounts, finances and analysis, and grant accounting, budgets. Web Purchasing


Game-Based Learning

Learn how to create games using PowerPoint and other free software.

General Inquiry

General Service inquiry


Heating and Air issues

General heating and air issues

Hole in wall

hole in wall needing patching


Incorporating digital projects in the classroom

Gain help and advice on how to incorporate digital projects in the classroom.

Information Literacy Resources

The library has or can create Information Literacy resources in various formats to include in your courses.

Install personal a/c unit - request appointment

Request appointment for personal a/c unit to be installed in individual dorm room - only available during cooling season (5/15 - 10/15)

Institutional Repository (Digital Commons)

DigitalCommons@Ursinus is the institutional repository of Ursinus College.

InterLibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan provides access to resources beyond Myrin Library to support the research and information needs of faculty, students, and staff. Campus community members can request books, book chapters and articles.

Investigate leak

Leak from either window, wall or ceiling


Keypad lock not working

Numeric key pad for access not working


Library Account, Renewals & Electronic Access Issues

All members of the campus community can login to the Library’s OneSearch with their Ursinus username and password to renew materials, check InterLibrary loan requests, save searches and keep track of materials.

Library Space Requests (not in EMS)

The library has spaces that can be reserved for classes and events that are not included in EMS, such as the first floor lounge, the first floor computers, and the viewing room on the lower level. The entire main floor can be used for major college-wide events.

Lock broken

Unable to access locked space or secure space


Mapping Tools

You can create digital maps using GIS software or StoryMapJS.

Microsoft Office 365

Missing sign

Replace missing room identifying signage

Move/deliver gas cylinders

Transport of gas cylinders to and from Receiving for science lab equipment


No power

No power to electrical appliances/devices - popped circuit

Noisy heating system

Building pipes making clanging or hissing noises while heating active


Online Appointment Scheduling/Signup Sheets

There are a variety of software you can use to schedule appointments and create sign ups.

Online File Sharing

Open Access & Open Educational Resources

Open Access materials, including Open Educational Resources, are increasingly important to the scholarly conversation as the publishing world continues to evolve and change. LIT supports the Open Access movement and provides guidance to the highest quality resources available.

Organization/Course Creation

Faculty and staff can request that a Canvas course be created for them.



Panopto is a lecture capture and video hosting platform.

Papercut Support

Papercut Printing Support

PaperSave Support

Electronic Document management software that scans documents into the student system

Password Reset

This service allows for the resetting of your Ursinus College credential password.

Plagiarism Detection

You can use PlagScan to evaluate your students' work and ensure they are not plagiarizing.

Plumbing Request


There are a variety of polling software you can use to survey your students or audience.

Portable AV Equipment Loans

Many classrooms have equipment permanently installed.  Please check with Tech Support if you have any questions about the Audio/Visual equipment available in a certain classroom.

Poster Printing

The Technology Support Center provides poster printing services for students and faculty for academic purposes. The printer produces high-quality, large-format color printing. The average poster size used for campus presentations is 30 inches by 40 inches, but other sizes can be printed.  Posters are limited to a maximum width of 42 inches.  Maximum length can vary so please contact us if you need assistance or have any questions.

Program swipe card access

Provide or remove swipe card programming via ID card

Public Domain Content

Find public domain content online.



Qualtrics is a survey software used to create, distribute surveys and analyze survey data.


Raise/lower bed - appointment request

Request appointment for help with raising or lowering bed to preferred height
Also issue with bed frame/mattress

Rearrange/remove furniture - appointment request

Request appointment to rearrange furniture and/or remove unwanted furniture


Replacement of burnt out or flickering bulb/lamp

Relocate animal

Animal on campus - groundhog, skunk, fox, deer, etc

Repair furniture

Request assessment of furniture for potential for repair or rehabilitation

Repair/replace clock

Replace battery on clock
Reset clock for daylight savings
Replace missing or non-functioning clock

Report ice/snow patch

Removal of ice or snow on campus walkway paths and parking lots

Reporting and Reporting Services Support (Ursinus Reports and CROA)

Reporting tool for Colleague

Research and Instructional Consultations

Librarians are available for individual and small group research consultations, and to teach in-class library research workshops, in all subject areas and disciplines. Librarians work directly with students and faculty to discuss research projects and papers in detail and explore the many resources that are available through the library’s website for finding the best, most relevant materials.

Room Wizard

Find the Right Room and Avoid the Gloom of a space that isn't the right fit for your class, meeting, or event

Run wire

Run electric wire for outlet or other electrical device
Run data wire
Run phone wire


Special Requests

Request for pest control, painting, flooring and other miscellaneous services

Student Printing

Printer access, questions and problems. Faculty and staff departmental printers, student campus pay for print printers, and poster printing.


Table(s) and/or chair(s) needed

Small event, tabling event, information tables only

Technology Purchasing

If you have any questions regarding purchasing technology related hardware and software, please start your request by contacting Tech Support.  We can help with questions and, if necessary, assist with quotes for purchasing the proper equipment, or direct you as to how to proceed.


Timeline Builders

There are a variety of free builders you can use to create digital timelines.

Treat for ants

Provide ant traps

Treat for bees/wasps

Investigate for nest location, treat as appropriate

Treat for bugs

All other insects including spiders, centipedes, water bugs, etc.

Treat for mice

Set snap traps for mice and/or bait stations outside


Video Annotation

Video annotation software allow faculty and students to have an online discussion about a video and post comments at strategic points within the video.

Video quizzes

You can add quizzes to videos using a variety of software.

Video Recording and Editing

Zoom and Panopto provide an easy way to video record and video edit for classes and most meetings. If you have a meeting or special event in need of a video recording that cannot be done with Zoom and Panopto, we can help.

Video Recording and Editing

You can create videos by using free video recording and editing software.

Video Reflections

Engage students in video reflections.

Virtual Conferencing

This service allows for access to Virtual Meeting applications and devices while on and off Ursinus College's campus.

Virtual Lab (Apporto)

Use a virtual desktop to access software without having to download it to your computer.

Visual Tools

There are a variety of tools you can use to visually represent information.


This service allows for assistance with Voicemail related issues


Website Creation

You can create a website or blog using WordPress or Wix.

Wired Networking

This service allows for wired ports to be installed or repaired for network/internet service.

Wireless Networking

This service allows for access to wireless access points while on Ursinus College's campus

Wireless projection (Mersive Solstice)

Solstice enables users on any device to easily share, control, and mark up content on in-room displays to drive more efficient, engaging, and productive meetings.