Popular Services

This service is a way to report a general issue and submit a ticket to the Technology Service Desk when you are unsure of the nature of the issue.

The Technology Support Center provides poster printing services for students and faculty for academic purposes. The printer produces high-quality, large-format color printing. The average poster size used for campus presentations is 30 inches by 40 inches, but other sizes can be printed.  Posters are limited to a maximum width of 42 inches.  Maximum length can vary so please contact us if you need assistance or have any questions.

We can reprint lost, stolen, or damaged Ursinus ID cards.

This service allows for access to wireless access points while on Ursinus College's campus

New Account creation: Ursinus Credentials, Mitel Phone Account, Okta etc.

This service allows for access to telephone services, applications and devices while on and off Ursinus College's campus

This service will allow you to put in update, access, or functionality requests for this service portal.

This service is available to assist Ursinus College members with all device hardware and software needs.

Gain help and advice on how to incorporate instructional technology and digital projects in the classroom.

Many classrooms have equipment permanently installed.  Please check with Tech Support if you have any questions about the Audio/Visual equipment available in a certain classroom.

Please check with Tech Support if you have any questions about the Audio/Visual equipment available in (or for) a certain classroom.

Campus community members can request additions to the library‚Äôs collections. This includes books, DVDs, e-books, audiobooks, streaming films, databases and other resources.

Print a physical object from a 3-D digital model with the U-Imagine Center's 3-D printer.

Survey software that supports important feedback such as course evaluations

Create an event technology audio visual consultation request.
This will be a time when we can meet and go over any questions and ideas you have for what you're looking to do with technology during your event.

This service allows for assistance with Voicemail related issues

Electrical outlet on wall/floor not operational

Building pipes making clanging or hissing noises while heating active

Key broken off in lock

General heating and air issues

This service allows for wired ports or related devices to be installed or repaired for network/internet service.

Replace missing room identifying signage

Faculty can request to combine course sections into one course for a given semester.