Facilities Services

Facilities Services is responsible for the maintenance, repair and operation of all buildings and grounds on Ursinus College's campus. Its staff aims to keeps all relevant systems in good health. Our goal is to make the campus environment as safe, comfortable, and attractive as possible. We strive to have create healthy and productive spaces for living, learning, working, and playing.

Facilities Services' responsibilities include the following services: custodial, grounds, carpentry, painting, locks, HVAC, temperature control, elevator, sprinkler, plumbing, recycling and much more.

Categories (10)


Repair, replacement or renovation of campus structures including windows, doors, walls, roofs


Event set up,
Deliver materials on campus,
Tables/chairs needed,
Furniture procured or moved


Lamp replacement or additional lighting
All electric and data wiring

Lock Shop

Broken locks, new or changed locks
Keys and electronic access

***If you've LOST your key please visit the Facilities Service Office to begin the process for replacement.***


Repair, replacement or renovation of plumbing systems


Repair, replacement or renovation of building heating, cooling or ventilation systems

Grounds and Landscaping

All grounds and landscaping work on campus including snow removal, lawn maintenance, tree maintenance, path and lot maintenance.


Repair, renovation and installation of all mechanical equipment including refrigeration and cooking, as well as miscellaneous repairs or replacement (ie clocks)


Repair, replacement and installation of all signage - wayfaring and interior

Special and Miscellaneous Requests

Pest control, painting, flooring, additional custodial services and other miscellaneous requests

Services (1)

General Facilities Inquiry

This service is a way to report a general issue and submit a ticket to the Facilities Service Desk when you are unsure of the nature of the issue.