Mitel Phone System, Verizon Wireless, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cable TV and more.

Services (9)

Cable TV Support

Cable television service is provided in all dorms and residence hall rooms both on and off the main campus, as well as in some office, academic and public locations.

Device Assistance (BYOD and Ursinus Provided)

This service is available to assist Ursinus College members with all device hardware and software needs.

Password Reset

This service allows for the resetting of your Ursinus College credential password.

Phone Support

This service allows for access to telephone services, applications and devices while on and off Ursinus College's campus

Portable AV Equipment Loans

Many classrooms have equipment permanently installed.  Please check with Tech Support if you have any questions about the Audio/Visual equipment available in a certain classroom.

Technology Purchasing

If you have any questions regarding purchasing technology related hardware and software, please start your request by contacting Tech Support.  We can help with questions and, if necessary, assist with quotes for purchasing the proper equipment, or direct you as to how to proceed.

Virtual Conferencing

This service allows for access to Virtual Meeting applications and devices while on and off Ursinus College's campus.


This service allows for assistance with Voicemail related issues

Wireless projection (Mersive Solstice)

Solstice enables users on any device to easily share, control, and mark up content on in-room displays to drive more efficient, engaging, and productive meetings.