Services (11)

Canvas Course Combine

Faculty can request to combine course sections into one course for a given semester.

Canvas Course Creation

Faculty and staff can request that a Canvas course be created for them.

Canvas Questions

Get help designing and setting up your Canvas courses.

Canvas User Request

Faculty can request that a user be added to a Canvas course.

Course Design

Get help designing your courses.

Digital Curation

You can use digital curation tools to showcase archival and scholarly works and create digital exhibits.

DLA Fellow Consultation

You can make an appointment with a DLA Fellow, a student trained in using a variety of digital tools to teach a training session for your course.

Instructional Technology Assistance

Gain help and advice on how to incorporate instructional technology and digital projects in the classroom.


Panopto is a lecture capture and video hosting platform.

Plagiarism Detection

You can use PlagScan to evaluate your students' work and ensure they are not plagiarizing.

Virtual Conferencing

This service allows for access to Virtual Meeting applications and devices while on and off Ursinus College's campus.